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    Never let it be said the Victorians don't take their footy seriously.

    Father killed son to avoid missing AFL grand final,

    RELATED STORY: Father, siblings charged over alleged murder of Matthew Fisher-TurnerRELATED STORY: House searched by police looking for missing Perth man
    A Perth father murdered his son before two of his other children buried the body and cleaned up the scene because he did not want to miss the AFL grand final, WA's Supreme Court has been told.

    Ernest Fisher, 67, is on trial accused of fatally stabbing 23-year-old Matthew Fisher-Turner, whose body was found buried in the backyard of the family's Parmelia home in Perth's southern suburbs in October 2016.

    He was allegedly murdered four weeks earlier, and his body was discovered 10 days after his friends reported him missing.

    Mr Fisher's two children, Joshua Douglas Fisher-Turner, 28, and Hannah Jayde Fisher-Turner, 21, are also on trial accused of being accessories to the alleged murder.

    State prosecutor Laura Christian said Mr Fisher told police he killed his son because the 23-year-old had wanted to use his car, but he had wanted it to go to a friend's house to watch the grand final.

    "He said 'I'm not having it' and he decided that was the time to kill Matthew," Ms Christian said.

    "He told police footy was a priority and he didn't want to miss the grand final."

    Ms Christian said Mr Fisher used two knives he got from a shed in the backyard and stabbed Matthew as he stood in Joshua's bedroom.

    He is then alleged to have told Joshua: "We need to bury him. Dig it deep."

    Ms Christian said Joshua and his sister Hannah used a ladder to take Matthew's body to the backyard before burying it and then cleaning the house, including removing bloodstained carpet and washing the walls with bleach.

    Murder 'the only solution': prosecutor
    The court was told when friends began to raise concerns about Matthew, Mr Fisher told them he had "packed his bags and left for over east with a chicky babe who had lots of money".

    The friends reported Matthew missing to police, and Ms Christian said his father also subsequently told officers his son had gone over east.

    Police formally interviewed Mr Fisher on October 22, 2016, and the court was told he initially denied knowing what had happened to his son, before eventually admitting he had killed him.

    "He said Matthew had pushed or punched him on occasions," Ms Christian said.

    "He described Matthew as horrible, he believed he was on drugs, he described him as angry and said he owed him money."

    "He said he had enough.

    "The only solution he saw to the problems in his family was to kill his son."

    All three accused deny the charges against them.

    Court told of 'fractured family'
    Mr Fisher's laywer Sam Vandongen said the issue for the jury to decide was likely to be why his client killed his son.

    He said it would become "very apparent" during the trial that the family was fractured, something that started when Mr Fisher's wife died in March 2014.

    Mr Vandongen described her as a "lovely person who was devoted to her children" and said her death "badly affected" the family, to the extent that at the time of Matthew's death the house was "a mess", and a "pigsty."

    "There was stuff everywhere in piles; piles of books, piles of clothing, dirty dishes, spider webs on the walls and the bedrooms were filthy," Mr Vandongen said.

    "You might think it reflected the mood of those who lived there."

    Mr Vandongen described his client as a hermit, and said Joshua spent most of his time in his bedroom, while Hanna also "appeared to be a bit reclusive".

    However he said Matthew was "very different", and went to the gym and had no trouble forming relationships outside the house.

    However Mr Vandongen told the court the relationship between Matthew and his family began to break down.

    "Matthew was aggressive and angry," he said.

    "He was violent towards Ernest. He would physically assault him. The evidence might show he directed his anger and vitriol towards his father."

    Mr Vandongen said the jury would also see a video recorded on Matthew's telephone in which he was "goading" Joshua, and Mr Fisher said to him "you're breaking this family apart."

    Mr Vandongen submitted his client would argue "he did what he did in order to defend himself and defend his children from Matthew".

    The trial is set down for three weeks.
    Father killed Matthew Fisher-Turner in Parmelia to avoid missing AFL grand final, Perth court told - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cujo View Post
    "There was stuff everywhere in piles; piles of books, piles of clothing, dirty dishes, spider webs on the walls and the bedrooms were filthy," Mr Vandongen said.
    Other than the pile of books, it seems a very Thai like scene. His dead wife wan't Thai by any chance?

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    Well it was the grand final...

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    Sounds a bit like the old joke about the guy sitting alone at a Grand Final with an empty seat beside him. Someone sitting behind him asks about it and he says it was his wife's seat, but she recently passed away. So they ask why he didn't bring another family member or a friend along, and he says he would have but they're all at his wife's funeral

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    Queensland woman charged with riding horse to bottle shop while four times over legal limit

    A woman has been charged after allegedly riding a horse to a bottle shop while she was more than four times the legal alcohol limit.

    Police in Logan, south of Brisbane, were called to a tavern about 11:30pm on Monday over a woman refusing to leave the premises.

    They said upon arrival the female allegedly rode the horse through the drive-through section of the tavern and appeared heavily intoxicated.
    The woman was arrested and taken to Logan Central Police Station, where she allegedly provided a positive blood alcohol concentration of .226 per cent.
    Officers walked the horse back to Logan Central Police Station while the woman was processed.

    Council workers later assisted in walking the horse back to a Marsden address.
    The 51-year-old woman was charged with being in charge of a horse whilst under the influence of liquor.

    She is due to appear in the Beenleigh Magistrates Court on June 26.

    "Police want to remind the public that drink driving does not just mean a vehicle, it can include a horse," a police spokesman said.


    But who is the real victim here?

    As an aside, my mate's wife did that often, but that was 2 decades ago when things were a little more relaxed and
    they were in a more rural setting.
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