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Thread: Cyclone Marcia

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    Cyclone Marcia

    Just been watching the live news on channel 9 Aus , I tell a lie , been on it most of the day, Cyclone Marcia has been through Yepoon and done a lot of damage, although being downgraded from category 5 to cat4 just before it hit land , but I doubt anyone cared about the rating . The thing I am a bit worried about is it is heading for Rockhampton as a cat3 , I have a son, daughter in law and a granddaughter living in Rocky, although I am sure the young bloke has enough brains to keep safe ,one cant help but worry . especially as Rocky is flood prone. Been through a cat 3 cyclone myself and it is not something you would like to go through every week.

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    I saw that on the courier web site, it looks like they are making all the right preparations so hope for the best and sit tight.

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