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    Namthan Daeng - Thai erotic cinema

    Published: 22/08/2010

    It takes as long as it takes.

    It's a female masturbation scene that we just had to have, says producer Pracha Pinkaew, talking about the Thai erotic movie, Namthan Daeng, out this week.

    Mr Pracha, who acted as an adviser on the project for Sahamongkol Films, insists Namthan Daeng _ which contains a 10-minute scene of a woman masturbating _ is not indecent. In fact, it's a clean movie _ the subject just happens to be sex, he told the Manager/ASTV newspaper.

    Actress Lakana "Oom" Wathanawongsiri, above, playing a masseuse who falls for a tattoo artist, performs the masturbation scene in a segment called Desire, directed by Kittiyapon Klangsurin. The segment is one of six sex stories in the film, which showcases the work of new directors.

    "The rest of the world has erotic films, but not us," said Mr Pracha. "Previously, we have been constrained by cultural norms and censorship laws. But now that the laws are more open, it's time we made one ourselves," he said, adding the movie looks at sex from an artistic perspective. It contains messages which reflect on society, and the way we are.

    "Sex is part of life, and everyone has sexual desires. But Thailand keeps the lid on such things; hardly anyone is willing to talk about it. This is the first film which dares to do so," he said.

    A brief scene of Oom's character playing with herself is included in the teaser. Mr Pracha said he decided to let the masturbation scene run for the full 10 minutes, as to cut it back would be to ruin the effect.

    "When we were in the editing room, even the director herself was unsure. So we made two versions, one with editing, and the other where we let it run.

    "The director said that when she saw the 10-minute version, she didn't know where to cut. When I saw it, I agreed. Oom does such a good job that we decided to keep in the full 10 minutes."

    Mr Pracha said the film was screened before a test audience of film students at university: "Women and kathoey students liked the 10-minute version. They also applauded our courage in making it." The film opens on Thursday.

    Source: Bangkok Post Bangkok Post : Scene uncut, New bags, Not sidelined, F-Book scrap

    The Gentle Touch

    Lakana ‘Oom’ Wathanawongsiri

    Fishing for attention A Thai actress has acted what the media is hailing as the first scene in a Thai movie to feature female masturbation.

    "Lakana 'Oom' Wathanawongsiri has turned over a new page in Thai cinematic history," enthused Siam Dara gossip magazine.

    Oom appears in the erotic movie, Namthan Daeng, which premiered at the RCA cinema on Tuesday.

    "I didn't use a stand-in, but acted all my own scenes," she told the magazine.

    "I am prepared to accept any criticism. In a farang movie, this kind of thing is commonplace, but it is new for Thais," she said.

    Oom plays a Thai masseuse who falls for a tattoo artist, in a segment called Desire, directed by Kittiyapon Klangsurin for Sahamongkol Films.

    Oom's masturbation scene lasts 10 minutes. "I had to concentrate hard, think what it was like to be that character, and act accordingly," Oom said.

    "I would like audiences to keep an open mind. The scene has its own time and place. We didn't just drop it in there.

    "Everyone has wants and desires; it's up to us how we express them. The scene is about beauty, emotion and feelings," she said, adding she is sure the scene is not indecent.

    The segment is one of six, showcasing the work of new directors, and opens in cinemas on Aug 26.

    Source: Bangkok Post Bangkok Post : Accidental Break, Headman in Drag, Name Game, The Gentle Touch
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    News item on Thai cinema/movie censorship

    To show or not to show
    One year after the rating system was implemented, has it opened up the possibilities for Thai filmmakers to show cinematic taboos that couldn't be shown before, like sex or politics?

    Published: 27/08/2010 at 12:00 AM
    Newspaper section: Realtime

    A promotional picture of a Thai film Namtal Daeng makes an open promise.

    The posters on the skytrain columns show slim legs with a woman's underwear sliding down down a hitched-up skirt. The trailer in the cinema shows sultry, pre-coitus tantalisation and, among others, a young man ogling the sweaty cleavage of his girlfriend and saying, quite nicely: ''Can I touch your breasts?'' Though no strategic parts are visible, the teaser of the new Thai movie Namtal Daeng, or Brown Sugar, makes an open promise that the story will be about sex, and perhaps love.

    Brown Sugar, an ensemble of three erotic tales by twenty-something directors, has passed the rating committee with an 18-plus classification _ and without a cut. In the actual film, yes, you'll see women's nipples, the ''whenever-wherever'' seduction, and the simulation of love-making.

    Two months ago, Sukit Narin released his racy, cleavage-obsessed Pu Ying Ha Babb 2 (Sin Sisters 2), a sorry mess of a movie that however became a case study of the new rating system, which has been implemented exactly one year ago. In Sin Sisters 2, five women recount their sexual experiences and reveal the upper part of their bodies (some using stand-ins). The film was also passed without a cut, but with a 20-plus classification, which stipulates ID check at the entrance. Sin Sisters 2 was later re-edited to make it milder and was released on VCD and DVD, with an 18-plus rating.

    The issue at hand is apparent: Are Thai films ready for sex and explicit titillation? Has the much-derided rating system opened up new possibilities for filmmakers to show things _ and organs _ that couldn't be shown on the big multiplex screen under the old censorship law? Breasts, sure. Penises, yes. Masturbation, why not? People bobbing and moaning, quite okay, too.

    Full article here: Bangkok Post : To show or not to show

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