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Thread: Fender Fuse.

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    Fender Fuse.

    I bought a Fender Mustang modelling amp. A 20w practice amp for only 100 pounds, but it's the dog's bolloks!

    A Modelling amp basically models other amps. There are 8 presets on the amp itself; some classic Fender amps, Vox, Marshall, Orange... I tend to stick with the Fender ones because they are probably better quality than the other options (I doubt Fender wants to make other manufacturers amps sound better than theirs...).

    It also has a gain channel, but I haven't used that much. Will come in useful down the line...

    & it has 2 effects loops: modulation and delay/reverb - I like the delay reverb, sounds nice...

    It has a tuner and lots of other little bits too.

    But, here is the thing, it has a USB which connects to the Fender Fuse software. I've started to play around with this over the last couple of days, it's really good. Here's a picture of how it looks (British 60s is a VOX simulator - many of the switches on the amp such as cut and bright can be turned on via the Fuse software - it's amp by amp; that feature is pretty cool...):

    There are some really great extra features:

    1) Many more amps; 17 different amps, here are a couple of the extra ones on the Fuse software:

    Here is a setup with 4 stompboxes:

    Also, you can add pedals and racks...

    You can add 4 pedals; stompboxes, modulation, delay and reverb (each has 15 to 20 options. These are turned on and off, and adjusted just like normal stompboxes - really easy and nice to use, plus they change in real time. Very nice to practice with and change sounds.

    You can also add racks; post gain, delay, modulation or reverb (only 2 racks at a time); so you can effectively add 4 pedals and 2 racks to any amp you like. Here are some racks, on the right (and 2 pedals, on a Fender 59 baseman - nice amp):

    You can then save any setting you like; upto 24 hard settings on the amp, and many more (I think it's 100) on the computer software.

    Here is the one I usually play (it's a standard setting), a Fender 65 Twin Reverb with compression (the compression setting is adjustable on the s/w but not the amp itself). I sometimes add some cabinet delay too...

    Years ago, when I tried to play, I had a 15w Marshall dual channel practice amp, which I never much liked the sound of. This little Fender Mustang beauty really opens up a lot of options. For the price I think it's great value. I'm also saving loads of money because I don't have to go out and buy pedals (which I would because I like buying stuff I don't really need).

    It doesn't have an acoustic amp, which is a shame...

    I'd like a nice little tube amp in a few months because they just produce a nicer sound, but the Fender Mustang with Fuse software is a great beginners amp. Or, when I start gigging... I can set up all my settings beforehand and switch between the Pixies, Bob Marley, Henrix and Satriani settings so easily. (Yes, the amp comes in much bigger varieties for when I'm playing stadiums...).

    I have already perfected Happy Birthday, and the missus was overjoyed by my efforts on our long distance call. I haven't yet perfected the Thai version...

    Anyways, if anybody was interested in a cheap practice amp, thought this post might be of interest to them.
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