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Russia’s biggest arms trader, Rosoboronexport, planned to open an office in Burma before the end of 05 according to sources I knew then. I've no reason to believe this expansion did not go ahead. Below is an extract from a release in 05

The Russian state-owned company announced their intention to have an office in Burma for the first time in November 04 when Director General Sergei Chemezov told reporters new offices in Belgium, Burma, Italy and Venezuela were on the cards. 'This will help us to expand our influence on world arms markets. We open representations in the countries that show direct interest in procurement of Russian weapons,' Chemezov said.
'Wherever we see such interest, we send our representative there immediately to establish relations with the Defence Ministry or other uniformed agencies, offering our technical and commercial projects and informing of the Russian armament and military hardware.'
Rosoboronexport has offices in several south-east Asian countries including Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam.

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