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Herbes de Provence ;o)

Good comment darling. What makes you so judgemental?

Do you eat charred human remains on a daily diet when your on the banks of the Ganges? I dont but do you? Or are you likely to become a "seasoned" traveller? lolololol

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He is very much for real with the battle scars to prove it.
Just because someone is a creep and covered with tattoos doesn't make them inherently interesting. Not to me anyway.

The oldish, sagging backpacker covered in ink with sagging ear lobes waddling through the guest house patio smelling of piss in a sarong dragging his didgeridoo behind him is a cliche, and a vain one at that.

They're a dime a dozen in Goa, Bali, Khao San.

But I enjoyed the reading, GS!
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