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Bigger Photo....

Im afraid I do not run this site and have no ability to increase the size of this photo even though it is THE ONLY PHOTO on here with The Man in Question with that memorable day he spent with ME.

Please accept my apologies but if u wanna zoom in like a voyeaur then goto Start - PROGRAMS - ACCESSORIES - MAGNIFIER and zoom in to yer hearts ****ent!

PS - Who are these people that come out with unsubstantiated stories! Id rather read some barbara Cartland lollololololololol

Originally Posted by potato View Post
You will notice the man referred to as "Kapalnath" sitting to my right! lol

On the boat, we discussed many topicsl from the obvious flesh eating (photos shown to me) drinking your own piss, Scottish heritage and distant relations to R L Stevenson.

He also pulled a knife on me when I got typically cheeky....

What a man - nice guy but a tad fucked up! lololololol

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