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Dear Mr or Mrs,

Whos quote are you referring to exactly?

Is it a generic thing or is it specifically aimed?

Seems like you had a good time anyway.... and thats good.

Lets see yer photos pal and show us all your proof of meeting the great axxhole eater de la Texas! lol


Originally Posted by username View Post
We toasted New Year's 2004 together drinking Lao Lao from a human skull in his room. I spent a week with him and found him to be a loving and warm human being. Sure he's done some drugs and drank some piss in his time... but who hasn't?

"...smiling seductively and pouting at me..."
Here we go. Hey bone head, you can't smile and pout at the same time... Maybe time to wake up... No?

You've obviously found some sad satisfaction running down Kapalnath when your quite guilty of inflicting your own degrading behaviour on the living. Does that make you feel like a real macho man? Hanging around Thailand paying for sex cause that's the only way a loser like you can get any. Sounds more than a little pathetic to me. My question is where are you in your head when you think that these thais are happy to see you?

It's clear in your feeble egoist attempt to associate yourself to the strangeness of Kapalnath your forgetting one major quality: He is very much for real with the battle scars to prove it. You are a sad and paling comparison. Thailand is easy, everyone knows it. Let's see how big you are after a few years in India.

Your post reads like some kind of egoist pat on the back. Let me know if'n you need someone to kick you in front of a bus.
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