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Building a house in Si Chiang Mai - Nong Khai

Hello All
I have lived in Phuket for the past five years and am now planning to move to Si Chiang Mai in Nong Khai. Together with my wife, we purchased a family house next door (on same plot) as my wife's current house. It was an old house and so we demolished it and now plan to build a new two-storey house on the plot. We have looked at several of the larger builders and have whittled it down to two options, although we are meeting with another builder on Thursday.

Ideally we need a turn-key company as we plan to remain in Phuket whilst the house is built. So we need a design, architect, manage and build company.

So far we are considering using Dream-Up and ASAP both based in Udon Thani. Does anybody have any experience of these companies to share with us, or know a reputable builder that could take on our project?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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