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Originally Posted by moonx View Post
anyone knows about a route from the caribbean?
So many possibilities.

I wanted to fly to Miami back when Qantas had a virtual monopoly trans-Pacific (and sky high prices), Fiji Airlines was the cheapest option I found. I know they fly into Asia, but not to Thailand as far as I know.

I had Merican friends that used to get themselves to Hawaii as cheaply as possibly then pick up USA domestic flights from there. I think AirAsia and/or Scoot fly to Hawaii nowadays - via Japan perhaps.

Norwegian fly to Bangkok and fly to the US I believe. You could maybe get there cheaply via Oslo.

The Chinese airlines usually have crazy low prices.

LATAM is code sharing with Qantas out of Sydney now / just announced. But I'd expect going the other way around the globe with Emirates or Qatar would be cheaper.
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