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Originally Posted by DrB0b View Post
Originally Posted by Wasp View Post
[color="White"]Slick , I've never even looked in the TD Gallery . I have a feeling that people quite liked them being here .

They look in the Constructions .
There's Waspy's Constructions back at the top .
" GOOD ! There must be another completed house to look at !! "

It takes more effort to wander over to the Gallery .
Mate, if you'd put them in the gallery they would show up on this thread. The TD gallery works just like photobucket except you wouldn't lose your photos. Tell you what, considering how many threads have now been wrecked I would quite happily give every [at][at][at][at] on here who told people not to bother learning how to use the gallery and to use external sites instead a good hard kick in the balls. You know who you are, you fuckrrs.

All these idiots keep telling other posters to follow some arcane procedure to upload photos to some remote site which will delete them whenever they want despite the fact that TD already offers image hosting.

Sorry waspy, not your fault but I'm fuming that it's come to this and that dumb knowitall idiots have always overridden the proper advice on how to link photos and have caused the current issue where hundreds, maybe thousands, of photos have disappeared.
Save your breath, Bob.
Many will never get it, even after simple sage advice and warnings.
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