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Originally Posted by BigBrosMo View Post
Thanks for the replies... my house is on an island with no permanent electrical power so everything is solar or propane. I did find a company in China via Alibaba (Coner Gas) that I can import from but it's been actually quite difficult to find a company to deal with the brokerage for a reasonable price. Price of fridge (~240L in size incl freezer) delivered to Bangkok is $500 USD but then the brokerage firms want $400 to receive it (just in fees! There's no Thai duty on this item), and then one even wanted another $1500 to deliver it to Ranong!

The fridge company did say they have shipped to Thailand before and have CE certification for it and they said they are currently in negotiations with a company here to actually distribute it but I am looking for something sooner than later.

I have a small solar system for lights, water pump etc, but to run a normal refrigerator I would have to upgrade it for quite considerable $ to run continuously... And a I have a good Honda generator but I can't run that all day/night. I'll check out the solar models on the linked page....
I am in a similar situation as BigBrosMo. There were some helpful links in the thread but most are dead now

I'm looking for a 3-way gas fridge - anyone know where in Bangkok I might be able to find one?

@BigBrosMo - which company was it that was planning on distributing here in Thailand?

Any help massively appreciated as I'm getting nowhere on my own....
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