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Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park, Kanchanaburi.

About 37 Km out from Kanchanaburi is the Western-most outpost of the Khmer Empire.

Prasat Muang Sing.

It marked the Western border of the Khmer in Thailand. At the height of its power, the vast Khmer empire stretched out all the way West to deep into present day Kanchanaburi province in the Western part of Thailand.

Besides being a temple dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, Prasat Muang Singh and surrounding town most likely served as a military stronghold, to defend the Khmer empire from attacks from the West.

Muang Singh, meaning “Lion city”, is completely surrounded by a laterite wall. The Khwae Noi river runs along the South end of the complex.

The main temple that stands in the center of the complex was built between the 12th and 14th century in Bayon style, named after the Bayon temple in Angkor that was built around the same time.

Can see here on Google Maps.

I do love riding me bike around these parts, and it's a nice place to pop into.

The surrounding area.


Fokin' Lulu-smooth-mouth getting in for the Thai price.

If you lack the Gift of the Lulu it will knock you back 100thb plus 50thb for yer motorbike.

Not a lot really.

Entering the complex.

Guesthouse too, would be a very peaceful place to stay and unwind for a night I'd imagine.

Plus you could probably sneak out and root on top of the temple.

Riding around, you can park up and head down to the temples.

More pics from people that actually got off their bike and actually went down to the temples.

Images Here.

Nicely maintained complex.

These are the guesthouses, just outside the old city walls.

Nice and peaceful, until the big Disco Boats come along.

Looking back into the complex.

And down where they've excavated a couple of ancient skeletons.

Lots to see around this area.

Sai Yok Waterfall is great. Just get there before or after the coasches full of Ruskies get there.

Living in Bkk, I do love jumping on the bike and spending the day riding around this area.
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