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Originally Posted by chassamui View Post
You must depart the day before your 90 days expires. The date of validity stamped in your passport does not belong to you, it belongs to immigration and they will charge you Bt 1000 if you leave on that date.
Thank you for the reply.

Good reply too - I was going to ask to clarify with examples, but I have looked at my passport instead and see what you are getting at:

My last visit was on a 30 day visa-free entry.
- Date of arrival 8 April
- Admitted until 7 May

Counting 8 April itself there are 23 days left in the month. Plus the seven days in May gives us 30 days. But I am only admitted until that 30th day, so really only allowed 29 nights in the country.

Both arrival and departure days are counted as one day each. Arrive on Monday, depart on Tuesday = two days.

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