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^ Thanks for the advice, Justme...

Originally Posted by Immigrunt
Are there many expats there? Have you visited Naha before? It's my favourite.
Not sure, grunt mate... I'm a newbie, Justme would know much more, but I am sure there are quite a few, Fukuoka total population is 4.5 million (correct me if I'm wrong) that includes surrounding prefectures...

Never been to Naha bro... We are moving to Fukuoka very soon, my Japanese is coming along, but still at a very basic level.

Where you at Justme? are you still living in Japan bro?

Edit: sorry, I'm a bit sleepy.. you did say you used to live there... hope to catch up with you guys one day in Fukuoka... drink some Asahi super dry, catch a baseball game at the superdome.. TD boys night out! woop woop!
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