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Originally Posted by JPPR2 View Post
Originally Posted by Pink
Yes, they all ( team, wife, her family) quite surprised that i want my electric inside walls ( in pipes) and that i want so many sockets, and that i will go for LED for lights, but its all given for me..its a must
Yeah wiring in conduit in the walls is a bit foreign to many. I specifically drew out where I wanted all my wall outlets. Initially my wife was a bit confused. Now however after using them...she smiles and says good thinking.....

Also have LED lights everywhere, was mandatory. Also some further thoughts, have them pull the power to where you want your air con. Saves drilling later. Also I had power pulled to few locations to mount oscillating fans on the wall downstairs. Most my down stairs outlets are GFCI and higher up so I can wash underneath. My home is elevated like yours.
Obviously, the reasons why they find the idea of hidden wires odd is that they've never been conditioned otherwise, as it is considered the norm - if not ugly and tacky.

I've built a few houses and structures here, insisting that all electric not be exposed. It surely can be done - just have to find those whom are accustomed and skilled from convention.
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