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There's fwk all "rich culture" in Cambo, other than archeology and the wreckage left by Pol Pot and his band of merry men.
Even the songs, stories and dances got almost totally wiped out.
The place is riddled with corruption and thousands of flakey drug or alcohol addled expats.
Snooky's a fwkn hole that needs filling. Kampot's getting that way too and queers are everywhere.

The brown skinned girls are there, desperate for income, Chinese businesses rule.

Snooky,...if you want to spend your time either sitting around a load of drunken scheming expat crims listening to their wild eyed boasts of how they bought this amazing bit of "paradise" for a song and how their "build' is going on, and then go see the dump ankle deep in mud among rice fields in an almost treeless depressing community of surly unemployable youths jealously keeping their eye on their bints,...good for you.
The whole area's a Muslim shithole.

There are some nice hideaways tucked among the trees along the estuaries, though, great to escape to if they're not over-run by ropeheads.

Tu-tuk at $5 each way minimum rips into your budget if you want to get to town for supplies, so get a bike, or motocy..
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