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Stamp Out Sushi Donuts!

Donuts, you have gone too far.

Not long ago, we were your biggest champions. We cheered when you evolved into the scrumptious, flakey cronut, and when you multiplied up and down the West Coast through the Blue Star chain, which brought slick, beautiful rings from Portland, Ore., to Los Angeles. We welcomed such top tier bakeries as Dough in New York; Union Square Donuts in Boston; District Doughnuts in Washington; Curiosity Donuts in New Jersey; and Federal Donuts in Philadelphia. They were making versions of you that were airy, yet were rich, gorgeously glazed, and garnished.

It was a thrill this year when you appeared at Wylie Dufresne's Du Donuts and Coffee, in Brooklyn, N.Y., in superb cakey style, with flavors such as Creamsicle, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and even the shouldn’t-work-but-it-does "Peanut Butter and Yuzu." We were also ecstatic to see you take cruller form, coated in maple and cinnamon sugar, at Danny Meyer's Daily Provisions cafe.

But now, you've overreached.

You tarted yourself up at Glam Donuts in Minneapolis, stepping out in a garish combination of Sriracha and peanut butter.

You debuted at Datz Dough in Tampa in the form of a $10 donut ice cream cone. The Nutella-lined "cone" is made of doughnuts filled with jelly-donut-flavored soft serve, topped with bacon caramel popcorn, whipped cream, and a cherry.

No, doughnuts.

Bad doughnuts.

for pics of spaghetti donuts and Glam donuts:
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