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govenment (pink) bank is about 7% depending on credit rating, pay once per year and can see the balance go down each year, then % is on the remaining amount, best bank on the high street if you can get in with them.
most other high street banks would start at around 10%... depending.... wife has found that most like a 5/7 year term. look to have an income coming into bank for a while and also a good deposit (all helps) if you get the ok expect them to take 2% straight off the top for "paper work" ect.. plus insurance.. land survey, land transfer. think the wife payed about baht20,000 ish for a survey on 30 plus rai some time ago. say you get the loan from say scb on a fixed interest the payment will be the same from day one till final day, ie interest charge on the total amount borrowed, never reduced.... oh and dont expect it to happen quick, can and does take ages...
if you can just pay in cash yourself or borrow in your own country.. the banks here are a law unto themselves from what i have seen....
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