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Originally Posted by CSFFan
I realize I've been stupid, yet again (I live 20 minutes at most from Suvarnabumi) and try to book with Thai Smile, only to find out the card I have with Krungsri Bank isn't good for online payment.
Topper why did you decide to book at the last minute returning from the north? Why not book an RT? It was your fault you did not know which airport each airline flies into. Sorry there website was down for you but that happens.

For me Air Asia is a great little point to point airline and I have not had a problem one. I prefer them as I am 10 minutes to DM airport.

Thai Smile has less than half the flights than Air Asia so you dont have the choice. All the low cost carriers provide less service as thats why it so damn cheap.

Great trip report though. I would love to go visit Cj as well.

Coming back from Phuket at New year we realized we had to check a bag and had not arranged to do it. Checking the website it was 900 baht to check a bag at the airport. Freaking expensive as the tickets were only 750b. Rather than freak out the wife and I thought about it and stopped at a post office on the way home and sent the items that needed to be checked for about 90 baht. Got them the next day.. Its all in how you play the game.

If you had booked Thai Smile from Swampy by doing your research you would not be complaining now. All low cost airlines are going to have hiccups...You do get what you pay for...

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