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Originally Posted by jonnyenglish View Post
Originally Posted by Neverna View Post
Originally Posted by jonnyenglish View Post
hmm.. how very odd, I haven't changed any of my dropbox settings..

I'd replace all the links, but I can't edit the posts more than once,as the edit button option disappears after 1 edit, so any posts I have already edited would still not show the images!
Posts here are time limited for editing, different times for different parts of the forum. It's probably 12 hours for this part of the forum.

Send a PM to Moderator asking permission to edit or ask them to do it for you. I believe it has been done before for another poster.
Many thanks for the info.. I have contacted the webmaster (awaiting response), but will gladly PM a moderator, if I knew who they are.. any suggestions who I should contact? - The Thailand Forum - View Profile: Moderator
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