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I bought a house in the UK for 62,000 in 1991, sold it for 235,000 in 2007.
Bought a bungalow in 2006 for 320,000 now worth 780,000
I bought 12,000 shares for my pension in Lloyds Bank , were worth 7.30 each, today worth 69p each...I don't give out advice just warnings, hold on to your cash ��
Lloyds a good buy today, I bought a 100k at 55p in August last year, 2.2p dividend (including the special divi) due in May, Government holding now below 3% should be zero in another couple of months and PPI claims nearly at an end. The company is on a sound footing these days and I expect an 80p+++++ sp within 12 months and increasing dividends. BUY.
I wish you, as I would anyone well with their investments but I am a buy in the dips and collect the dividends in the highs investor.
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