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Klondyke has a brilliant future in ThailandKlondyke has a brilliant future in Thailand
Originally Posted by Wasp View Post
Well !!!!
Thank you for the responses.
I have a Scoreboard of 3 saying " yes .... go ahead " .......... and 4 saying " no - it's a daft thing to do ".
Or its cheapskate or whatever with an eye roll .
So it's confusingly even .
I remember when these tiles went down and they used a base of about 40mm of cement and squished the tiles onto that . A slack way of levelling .
But now its an awful lot of stuff to break up and remove .
Thinking ..................
What is "yes", what is "no"? I can add up to "not to break it". It's not just about the work is cheap, but about waste of time and the mess in the house. I (my chaan pun) had laid cement blocks (and somewhere also tiles) direct on older tiles of wall and bottom of swimming pool - by a simple cement with addition nam yaa (waterproof). No problem even after two earthquakes.
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