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MH370....:– the parts and debris found so far.

1. Flaperon
Saint André, Réunion Island
29 July 2015
The first MH370 part to be identified by French assessors, this large piece of debris was found washed up on the beach on Réunion island by local man Johnny Bègue more than a year after the plane disappeared. The flaperon is a 2.7 metre-long moveable part on the trailing edge of the wing, used to increase drag for takeoff and landing, and to bank the aircraft.

2. Flap track fairing segment
Xai Xai, Mozambique
27 December 2015
South African teenager Liam Lotter found the metre-long metal piece while holidaying in Mozambique and took it home, but did not realise its significance until some months later.
The fairing shields the wing flap and reduces drag. Although it was the second fragment to be discovered, it is known as part one because it was the first to be examined by investigators from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) in Canberra, who ascertained that it was "almost certainly from MH370".

3. Horizontal stabiliser
Vilankulo, Mozambique, 28 February 2016
Confirmed as part two by the Canberra investigators, this piece – discovered on a Mozambique beach by American lawyer Blaine Gibson – has been identified as a horizontal stabiliser panel segment from the right-hand tail section of a Boeing 777.
Its distinctive stencilling – “NO STEP” – matched that used by Malaysia Airlines, experts concluded, as did a single fastener still attached to the debris.

4. Engine cowling segment
Mossel Bay, South Africa, 21 March 2016
The Rolls-Royce stencilling helped identify this part as a segment from a 777 engine cowling and in particular the adapted style used by Malaysia Airlines.
Labelled part three by the Canberra team, the piece is accepted to have come from the missing plane, but investigators have not been able to determine if it was attached to the right or left, inboard or outboard engine.
The 70cm x 70cm chunk was found by South African archaeologist Neels Kruger washed up in Mossel Bay and was handed in to the South African Civil Aviation Authority before being transported to Canberra for tests.

5. Main cabin interior panel
Rodrigues Island, Mauritius, 30 March 2016
The only interior part of the plane yet discovered, this piece, known as part four, was judged by experts to be a panel segment from the main cabin, associated with the Door R1 closet. The laminate was a type used in 777s only by Malaysia Airlines.
It was found washed up on the shore by Jean Dominique and Suzy Vitry, a couple from Réunion who were holidaying in Rodrigues Island, east of Mauritius.

6. Wing flap
Pemba Island, Zanzibar, 23 June 2016
The large piece of debris was confirmed by Canberra investigators to be "the inboard section of a Boeing 777 right outboard flap". Several part numbers on the metal piece, including a date stamp, proved it had come from MH370. The wing flap is now being examined to determine how it became separated from the wing. It is the sixth confirmed part of the plane to be identified, labelled "part five" by the ATSB.

Unconfirmed debris – panels
Sainte-Luce, Madagascar, September 2016
Two bits of debris, found by a local fisherman in south-east Madagascar and handed to Canberra investigators by independent searcher Blaine Gibson appeared to show signs of exposure to heat or fire at some point. Authorities said there was no evidence that the debris came from MH370 and that dark marks on the surface were caused by resin, not fire.

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