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Boat Ride around Ayuthaya Daytrip.

Was thrown the sprog this morning, so chucked her into her carseat and reeled off a few options.

Quiet contemplation.

The answer was 'See elephants and go on a boat ride'.

So up to Ayuthaya it was.

Was a bit toasty, so staying in the car was preferred.

Was still able to scare the bejaysus out of her.

Off to Wat Thingamajig to get a boat.

Can pay 800thb for an hour long ride around the island, or do some Luigi style haggling and end up paying 1000.

The 1 baht motosai ferry.

Wat Machabatchaboochawan

Daffodil's weekend getaway pad.


Wat Pekamekatekatron.

Cutting across via Khlong Mhen Kee.

Wat Meenabeenaleenapun.

There was a real stench coming from this place.

Yup... backpackers.

No one likes a show-off, Somchai.

Queen's Palace. Was invited in, but made my excuses.

The closest we got to a monitor lizard.

Usually there's a few by the rocky patches next to the main sewerage outlet.

Some nice enough pads out there.

Washing up the buffet cooking pans.

Didn't feel like moo grata lunch anyway.

Small side khlong.

Apparently there's Free hugs down there if ya fancy some.

Some quaint little places.

Still, must get a bit bum twitchy during the annual flooding season.

Tug Life.

Hit this chick up for her digits, but Mr. Cockblock Captain didn't slow down enough.

All I was able to get was ' Ork Bpai Loyyy....'

0 8 7 in Thai. Not enough to contact and set up a date.

Shit, shower, shave.

Fokin' Show-Off Somchai.

Less chemicals and colouring than Fanta.

One I caught earlier.

Headed back to the old city for lunch. Malagor is always nice.

Fokin' Backpacker filth had the good seats taken.

Pink Disney Princess stuff is gonna be the bladdy death of me.

Time to crack open a cold one I reckon.
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