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Originally Posted by outdoorbloke
Having stayed in a cinder block sweat house I went never again
Well it will still be a sweatbox regardless, unless you use Air-Con, but yes wholeheartedly agree on all your points in regards to q-con, large roof overhang, and 6" insulation. It will definitely keep the sun off the house and the attic space heat off the living areas. But more importantly it will help keep the spaces ALOT cooler if using air conditioning.

If its gonna be built for yourself also, then cool cool. The inlaws usually don't care about this sort of thing.

Ceiling fans would be a good very idea in both larger rooms, but good ones with strong motors and 5 blades are about 4k baht each, and if paying someone to install them, about 500 each. They don't use much current draw. Really gonna need to ventilate that space and trust me, the standing fans do a shit job. Mosquito screens, open windows, and ceiling fans are vastly superior in ventilating a space. Night and day and will compliment your insulation & q-con investment nicely. This is purely for your benefit, as the inlaws will probably never turn this stuff on and will probably be scared of that spinning thing above their heads falling down and decapitating them, but its a good idea for your comfort.

The bathroom, spend the money and get a good quality fart fan and build it into the wall to pull out moisture from inside the space after showering, to the outside. Trust me its night and day the space will dry out in about an hour and keep humidity out of your house, and that means keeping mosquitos out as well. Mozzies in the house is an infuriating thing. If you decide to use aircon, it will also pull cooled air into the bathroom from the living area as well, so you can shit without sweating.

Use a breaker unit with Main Power, RCBO, and several breakers. Leave extra punch outs for circuits you might want to install later. That way you wont have to have stupid wall mounted & unprotected 20a breakers installed everywhere throughout the house. When you want to add hot water shower, or aircon, you just knock out & install a proper breaker in your breaker box in the space you have available, and since the buss bars will be protected from the main RCBO already, so will your new circuit.

When I build I pretty much use the same ideas you are. Green sent for using your head on the metal roof and 6" insulation. People forgo this crucial item for some reason even with concrete tile roofs.

Are you drilling a well? Where are you getting your water from?

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