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Did you know that the word "Laos" comes simply from English speakers writing the plural of Lao on a map... as in "there are Laos/Lao people here".
The name "Laoland" makes more sense.
Actually, the term LAOS is a modern French derivative used exclusively in the Western world to satisfy their invented name-place association.

Same same LAOTIAN [whatever the fuck that is]

Even the good people of the country and broader Asian region don't understand what these descriptive terms are and aren't used amongst their own......that is, unless the odd handful have had Western influence/education.

How about Lao.

geography and a war or 2 also played a part but correct me if I'm wrong but I think most of issan historicly was part of Lao ? The cheeses eating surrender monkeys declalared the Mekong the border marker?
Yeah - more or less, Isaan was part of Lao - off and on, obvious by the reflective heritage today.
Long before the French attempted to make their place in the region, the expanding Siamese, Dong Kihn [Vietnamese], and Chinese empires attempted annexation to the immediate region - from Isaan extending to Luang Prabang.

Even after the Haw Wars, The Siamese invading hordes claimed [stole] and occupied vast areas of what is now Lao.....also known in some circles as Upper Siam.
Lao and Khmer influences on what passes as Tai/Thai remains steadfast.

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