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Originally Posted by Norton
Good option.

Roofing | COLORBOND® steel
Best post in this thread.

Local name for the stuff is "Bluescope" and they have "factories" in just about every Thai town.

I've built 2 homes here, western standard, with this stuff. My house in Florida, same heat, humidity & climate, rain, etc... plus hurricanes - same. Metal shop, same.

Best roof option for this climate, and the posters complaining about the rain - I can 100% guarantee that if you add 6" insulation above your cieling, witch you should be doing anyway, it will completely negate any rain noise inside the home even during the hardest rain.

There is not a better roof option unless you just love the asthetics of another material and don't mind paying for more in outlay, attic ventilation, and air conditioning. Thermal convection type attic ventilation is insufficient with concrete tiles and will remain a sweatbox, forced ventilation (electric fans, thermostatically controlled) in the attic are required if anyone actually cares to evacuate the heat build up in the heat of the day.

Plenty of modern homes in the west in hot climates use metal. Google image search it. It does not need to look like a factory at all.

The thais don't like it because they think it's cheap, but they don't have a clue and their home designs are little more than totally insufficient sweat boxes.
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