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Originally Posted by thaimeme
Varies greatly in building quality as to the type of "red bricks" one uses.
Assuming your referring to the cheaply made everyday variety that chip and crack easily unless otherwise treated or glazed [??].

Amazingly enough, there are numerous and affordable options in brick available then the proverbial two that you [and probably most everyone] use in reference, as most don't suss out or know of the reasonable options as applies to brick material.

Their loss for assumptions and ignorance.
400 K for a house Jeff. No science to it. There are 3 kinds, red 4 hole (it-Deang), grey cheapie cinderblock (It-Blok), and q-con.

And yes, bog standard red brick 4 hole (It-deang) is stronger of the three most common options for a locally make 400k thai house.

Absolutely no reason whatsoever to make it more confusing for the local builders on a 400k house by using another type of block they don't normally use and are readily available from any local mom & pop building supply store that delivers to the site on credit along with all the cement, rebar, etc...
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