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Wasp has a brilliant future in Thailand
Wasp has a brilliant future in ThailandWasp has a brilliant future in Thailand
I will however say this .

There was an intention to do all this work and peoples gave me plenty of good guidance and lots of stupid advice . I preferred the stupid advice .
But there was an intention to construct this stuff . However I just never got used to the idea that the brother feels entitled to simply stay on the property forever .

It looks like he will just stay . In his part of the land - which is all Missy's land . Continuing to live his utterly filthy existence and continually simply removing from Missy's house anything he fancies when she's not there .

I grew up assuming that I and my 3 sisters would wander off into the World making or own lives . And we did . This idea that people just never grow up and leave .... that they keep subdividing and subdividing the family plot until the great grandchildren each have 2 sq m is just insane to me .
Missy has bought out everybody --- but the brother still stays there with an average of 4 dogs and many chickens screeching and shitting. He lives in squalor - as do so many Thais - and it seems to me that he simply cannot SEE it !
He seems unaware of the filth all around him that HE keeps producing and living in .

Missy bought things for her house . She returned to work in UK . So he wandered in and took her fridge , her gas cooker assembly thing , her fans , her sofa .
Missy returned and with all this bizarre Thai thing about never confronting anybody she wouldn't face him about it !!!

I was more inclined to punch his face inside out . But no.

So the subject of this thread never got started . Because to do any construction I would need to be there from start to finish and for every moment of the day .... otherwise materials are likely to disappear and be put to other uses . Extensions to Palazzo Filth would probably appear .A pig pen or two badly constructed and with maximum likelihood of appalling waste and stench problems .
I can see light fittings and shower heads making mystery exits . Even something as simple as light bulbs. Cheap but damn annoying . Especially when you know who is doing it.

And all the time the continuing squalor.



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