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Wasp has a brilliant future in Thailand
Wasp has a brilliant future in ThailandWasp has a brilliant future in Thailand
I will do some fish pond deal in the coming months. I will post it up. Its small thing. Maybe 8 meters long by 3 meters wide with a deep end so I can practice fly fishing. The main purpose is to make a decorative pond and hold the fish my FIL eats so he can go spear dinner whenever he wants.

Later It can be turned into a small swim pool for hot days. I plan to have a Sala going across it in the middle at the narrow part so I can relax and have a drink eyeing my FIL's dinner......."

Shouldn't this be in the Forums about how to pass the time while waiting for your life to end ?

Regarding the idea of having maybe three contrasting photos ........... Photo1. The flat block of land with the stray dogs ............... Photo 2. The constructed house with almost horizontal tiling ............ and Photo 3. The house a few years later with settled gardens and collapsed guttering .... I think it's a nice idea .

Unfortunately don't you find that people are mega-active and interested while they are busy constructing but then they go away and don't return with photos later ?
The Forum had ootai and Roobarb and Bettyboo and that guy with the dodgy scrotum and plenty of others --- but once it was done it was done .
Indeed this very wonderful Thread that you are reading here right now was not disinterred by me .
It was pulled out of its zombie loneliness by someone called " hansened " who for some reason asked on here where he could find welding gear !!!!
Then he disappeared .

So I think it unlikely that people will wend their way back and show us their crumbling salas , their flakey-painted walls and pictures of the fleas from the local dogs swimming in their pools .

ExhumedWasp ..... And Happy New Year !

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