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Yeah Waspy, Happy New Year.

Looks like you have some house build threads going on to follow. Encouraging to see them back.

I was thinking you should ask folks to post pics of before and after a few years so we can enjoy their landscape maturing. Most started out with flat vacant lots where they added hundreds of dump truck loads of dirt.

I will do some fish pond deal in the coming months. I will post it up. Its small thing. Maybe 8 meters long by 3 meters wide with a deep end so I can practice fly fishing. The main purpose is to make a decorative pond and hold the fish my FIL eats so he can go spear dinner whenever he wants.

Later It can be turned into a small swim pool for hot days. I plan to have a Sala going across it in the middle at the narrow part so I can relax and have a drink eyeing my FIL's dinner.......
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