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Originally Posted by Norton View Post
Originally Posted by expat2010
are suggesting the above would be a fair price
I would. 2.5m w x 60cm deep 80cm high. Concrete block frame. Tile top, 2 sides and front between doors. No tile interior but rendered finish over block. Assumes counter against existing wall.
Thanks. Two doors. I have a quote of 10,000 not including the doors (4,000/meter), but including one metal shelf (didn't really understand exactly kind of metal/construction) - he said it comes in 1 cm or 2 cm, and tiling the bottom shelf which will be level with the bottom of the door, and 1 side (other side is flush against a wall), as is the back. 3 days to do it. I don't know his ideas on the top - maybe do it offsite and let it cure a couple of days before starting here.

The guy had a a couple of very good ideas and was recommended by large supplier - people in Sattahip will know who he is - Khun Saek/Max. I thought the price was a bit high which is why I asked here, but it sounds like it was not. Nevertheless, I'll offer him 9,000 and see how it goes.
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