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Thumbs up Back Door

Great House build and nice progress. Just wana give my 2 cents as I did the same mistake. Always build a backdoor next to the kitchen sink. Thais love to chop and smash live animals in peaces and tend to make somehow a meas when they cooking. Its great to watch them but its not so great if they have to walk trough the living room to bring all this stuff in and the garbage starts smelling bad soon after they drop all the remaining food and leftovers in the bin after eating and cleaning the kitchen. And no chance to get the mess out of the house without disturbing you sitting in front of the TV and nipping on a nice Whiskey. Try to separate house keeping stuff from living room area. Same when the Nany starts cleaning the bathrooms and is walking in and out of the house passing the living room with the dirty mop in her hand..... 555

Just my 2 cents mate.
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