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In another thread started a few weeks ago, I replied to nidhogg in a rather smartarse way (Know any "farangs" with Thai Citizenship?) about my Thai speaking abilities. How good is my Thai? Not very good.

When I came to Thailand in 1992 I did a handful of basic Thai lessons and started to learn to read and write Thai. Didn’t enjoy travelling into Bangkok and didn’t like being a student so gave it up.

I can write my own name and some other very basic stuff. I can read road signs, maps, construction drawings and most advertisements but I cannot read a newspaper. I could probably struggle through a 6 six year olds school book. I had a company that was around 100 permanent employees. I could walk up to anyone of them at the jobsite and talk to them about what was going on that day. I could talk to my supervisors on the phone about anything that involved the work that we did, but I cannot watch the news on TV (by the time I figured out what they are talking about they are onto another subject and I miss half of what was said). When policemen ask me why I am married but don’t have children my brain locks up.

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