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Originally Posted by ChalkyDee View Post
Originally Posted by Luigi View Post
Has anyone here gone through this process?
Lord no.

What do you need? 3 (or 5?) years of continuous extensions, Por Hok certificate in Thai, and 180k baht?

Or something like that. What have ya got mate? Would be interesting to hear.
3 years of paying tax on more than 40k a month. No Thai language qualifications and 5,000 baht. Plus 5,000 baht to charity. Also show 80,000 in your bank account.
Simple really, if you are married to a Thai.
Those are the minimum requirements. It pays to have more than the minimum as you will get more points.

The total fee for the application is 5,000 Baht. When you pay you actually end up paying 5,100 Baht. The 100 baht is for the finger printing. You will be told to not lose the receipt as it will be used later. Make copies of it and then put the receipt in a plastic bag and keep it somewhere safe.

For the charity, they want to see some history as well. If you donated 5,000 Baht last week they won’t be too happy about that as it appears that you just made the donation for the sake of qualifying for citizenship. If anyone is thinking of apply in a couple of years from now it would pay to start making the donations to certified charities and keep the receipts.

You need to be able to communicate in Thai. It would help if you can read and write as well (extra points). Even if you are married. The ability to speak Thai is less than if you apply under permanent residence, but you still need to be able to communicate in Thai.
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