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Originally Posted by VocalNeal View Post
Even your superior? Hitachi constant pressure pumps are described as shallow well pumps. Don't know where you got the idea that they are not.
The hitachi is superior. The operate completely different than the Mitsu units with the baby pressure tank. The water runs through the switch and provides better flow and pressure. Honestly its night and day and probably why OP is unhappy with his Mitsubishi pump.

Have you tried one? No trying to bicker with you but I don't know anyone who wasn't surprised by the difference. Not to mention there is zero pulsation in the water supply to the house.

Originally Posted by VocalNeal View Post
The factory pressure switch setting for a Mitsubishi 150 W pump are on 1.4 Kg/cm and off at 1.9 kg/cm ( about 12 to 18m of head)
Thats 20 psi "Cut In" and 27 psi "Cut Out"... 20 psi is nothing. Ideally it should be around 35 psi "Cut In" for a home but these pumps aren't made for this sort of thing really. The hitachi units are better at doing this job closer to this range.

You can buy, at any local mom & pop hardware store in Thailand a direct replacement switch with preset settings in a higher range as well. I don't have any handy but off the top of my head they have a 1.8/2.4 unit for about 150 baht.

Or you can try and adjust it your self.

I have a feeling that if OP does adjust his pressures, the pressure switch is going to short-cycle and pulsate as the pressure tank isn't a big enough buffer at those pressures.

Thats the reason my Mitsubishi pump is collecting dust. It sucked from the factory. It sucked when I adjusted the pressure and pulsated, it sucked when I bought drop in replacement switches of a higher calibration. If its pulsating, then the switch contacts are going to wear out real fast too.

I been through 3-4 of these things and they just are not worth trying to 'make work' outside of the way they are packaged.
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