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Originally Posted by VocalNeal View Post
Originally Posted by expat2010
It seemed to me that on the tiny schematic inside the pump that the spring is not to do with multi-story, but the level of the water supply. There's a diagram showing a lower water supply. Maybe to stop the water suctioning out?
Actually it is to maintain the prime and stops the water from draining back into a well and allows the pump maintain the pressure in the accumulator. In a multistory house the water in the upper floors would drain back to the pump. A broken spring will result in water hammer in the system.

In a urban single storey house system connected to government water the anti-drain back function may not be necessary but doesn't do any harm.
This style of pump isn't for a well at all. That would be a jet pump your referring to. No prime issues with this style pump but the check valve spring should be left in there regardless. Dunno why somchai thought it was a good idea to remove it.
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