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Anyway if you feel like fuckin with it, this is how you adjust the pressure switch. Make sure the power is off so you don't kill yourself. These pressure switches 'can' switch "L" or line power OR "N" neutral power. Fuk knows how somchai wired it. Assume it can be hot even if the pump isn't running.

Locate it here:

Pop off the plastic cover, there is a screw holding it down:

You switch might look a little different with the cover off, this one is a replacement I bought, but they work the same even if yours looks slightly different. There should be a small screw with +/- indicated on it. Pretty obvious what that does. Turning it towards the + increases the "Cut Out" pressure and turning it towards the - lowers the "Cut Out" pressure.

You really need a pressure gauge in the output side to the house to see what the fuk your doing when you turn the screw, but you can try it a very little bit at a time and see what happens.

Take a knife or something sharp and scribe a mark into it so you can take it back to original setting after you try this and see that its not going to fix anything really. These pumps kinda suck but you can try.
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