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The contractor is a twat. Why feck with anything?

Double check the valve at your water meter is fully open.

I suspect the spring he removed is the nor return valve. Useful if you are in a multistory house as it stops the water on the upper floors flowing back into the pump. If you still have it, put it back in.

The adjustment he made is likely the pressure switch setting which is probably where the pressure difference is. I don't know how much he backed it off.
It is under the small cylindrical cover on the top of the tank to the side of the actual pump with a cable coming out . The cover is secured by a single small screw. Under it is the screw in question. Give it half a turn clockwise and try the water, if not the same give it another 1/4 turn. There will be , in theory, some red paint on it to indicate where it was set at the factory. When pressure is where it was with your Hitachi line the paint up. Don't be greedy!

Spec wise there is not much between the pumps. Pressure should be between 12 and 18 meters of water. Flow rate around 30l/min for the garden hose and a bit less for the shower.

Did the guy use the same diameter of pipe for the replacement or did he use smaller pipe and bends and valves and stuff.

If you don't know which end of a screw driver to use call the guy back.
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