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Originally Posted by jonnyenglish View Post
So discussions of Frank Chickens aside, back to trees... although it is highly likely that I will have a bit of a shin-dig when the build is finally 'done', can't guarantee that it will have Japanese singing girls there, but it will probably involve a few ales and pig on a spit on the land, followed by possibly a live band and more at Baanpong Lodge, a fantastic wee resort just up the road (worth checking out if you are ever in the area).

So, shortly after the tree shopping trip, a jolly gang of chaps arrived in pick-up trucks and dug a load of holes, they made light work of it, all went smoothly. A happy bunch these tree chaps, they like trees which helps I suppose, but I wonder what % of people actually like their jobs?

Positioning of the trees and the types of trees were discussed with 'The Man' Khun Wichit, who agreed on most suggestions, but was adamant about a few changes of plans, which I was only too happy about, my logic being that if he was just going with the flow and didn't care (or didn't know) he wouldn't have bothered making suggestions himself, thus indicating he did know what he was doing (as well as looking and sounding as such).

So, trees, transport, installation, 3 months guarantee with full replacement on any trees that upped and died during this time, all included in the price (with discounts offered on bulk purchase, plus a few freebies too). The total amount was a reasonably hefty outlay, as we had included a couple of rare trees and the big specimen tree (which has since been named 'treebeard'), that said, the costs were nowhere near the costs of buying one mature tree and having it transported and planted if I was back in the UK (or similar).. #shudders at the thought of it!

The Man still pops down to the land to take a look at progress as he is genuinely interested in what we are doing and how the 'oasis' is coming on.

We had a big storm and strong wind here last week, some Teak trees along the road leading to the land lost half their height and had to get a team to come in and clear the road of large branches with a chainsaw. Fearing the worst for our relatively newly planted trees I headed down to take a look, and nearly all were fine (phew!). Only one of our trees had moved slightly where the support posts had slipped in the now very damp soil, we called Khun Wichit and he was here with his lads to fix it within the hour, and refused any payment, although I insisted he buy the guys beers and bunged them some cash. He said he'd be back after the rains had finished and do some pruning for us, now that's service!

I always wondered how much rootball a tree needed if you were to transplant one, maybe it's not as expensive and difficult as I imagined.
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