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Originally Posted by jonnyenglish View Post
Originally Posted by JPPR2 View Post
Thanks for the pics and the time to keep the thread alive. I enjoy build threads

I do have one question, I see you have the house elevated off the ground about a meter or so. Will you put some sort of covering around the perimeter when its done to keep the local wildlife out from underneath?
I have considered this. If I put mesh over the apertures, this would have to be small enough to keep out rodents and snakes, but then if too fine, would block up with dust and cobwebs constantly and not allow air through. If I put chainlink or similar up , this would allow more air through, but also all manner of critters would take up residence.

Trying to block it off might be a mistake, as then my dogs wouldn't be able to root out anything under the house.

I have lived in a raised house down in Koh Samui before, the only things under the house were the dogs, who preferred to be under there more than up on the veranda, so that works for me!

So, my conclusion is to either not bother, or maybe try a combination of things like wire meshing and split bamboo panels that can be removed for maintenance and make it more aesthetic. I'm going to be planting flowering plants such as Helliconia and Canna Lillies, plus ferns and small palms etc. around the house to soften it all, so I'm guessing most of it will be hidden anyhow.

Any ideas?
I think your dogs will love it to stay cool, that's for sure. Definitely something I think I would want to cover or at least consider. Not sure how to do it as your list on items to use are what I would have probably looked into as well.

My wife and I originally considered having our floor height similar to yours in the build plans but changed and then put the living space up and used the underneath for other things. My Father in law and general contractor recommended against elevating it to low where "creatures" can make a home underneath. Having dogs might keep them at bay depending on what might want to retreat there in the summer months (If anything)

I am enjoying your thread. I love the North. I am about an hour or so south of you

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