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Originally Posted by jonnyenglish View Post
Originally Posted by David48atTD View Post
Might see like a silly question, but why didn't you use the soil form the pond as your initial layer on your house pad?

How long do you plan to 'season' the house-pad before building?
Very good question David, the answer is I did in part use some of it, but actually there is a slight slope over the length of the land, the pond is at about the 2/3rds mark on the plot, so even after I used this 'soil' there would still be more needed to make it all level.

here's a map:

The only soil I was concerned about was what went on the last section after the pond at the end of the property (furthest from the entrance), as this will be used to grow fruit and veg, so managed to get decent topsoil locally. Actually, much of it came from a patch of land that had banana trees growing on it, some of the roots came in with the soil and have since started sprouting trees all over the growing garden area, which is great!

Additionally to answer your second question, it doesn't really matter about how long I wait for land to settle, as I am planning on building my house raised by 80cms, not on a pad, so the footings go down well below the already compacted and existing undisturbed ground level prior to my adding the additional 80cms.
Mate, I can see a bit of a design flaw. Surely the workshop should be much bigger than the house?
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