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Some pictures going backwards to the start and to current

Since I know we are all picture folks I added some more

Well this how it looked in March. Flat, dirt and a big pile of rock.

Looking across the dust bowl at the house before all the work began.

First up was removing 3 cement power poles. We did not want power lines hanging across the property so we wanted the power laid underground. Interestingly note the power poles are somewhat govt controlled meaning they know where they and are located on some big print. We went and notified the city we are taking them out. Cost 50 baht. We then dug down and yanked them up and trenched across the yard from the wall to the house. We added 1 new pole out by the street by our gate.

The power was pulled down the power pole to this conduit and securely attached to the wall off the ground. This is hidden buy our hedges. Some may ask what happens if something goes wrong under the ground, no worries I did the wall process as a contingency plan and can always put a pole.They did a outstanding job pulling in the wire, it was not easy.

The car park area at ground level.

They did all with cement trucks. I am not fond of small batch runs. You lose consistency and the mix is not good. These guys also sprayed the cement with water as it cured a couple of times and my FIL did at night before he went to bed.

While they waited for the other cement to cure they stated on the outdoor kitchen. We put off in the back there for a few reasons.

They poured a slab to enter it and made space for my BBQ

I brought my BBQ from the US and about 2 weeks after the construction guys started the car park I did a Big BBQ for all of us. Few shrimp on the barbie. Also did some ribs.

The driveway pour. They did it in segments. I am glad they did. They have built in expansion gaps. The weird thing however is the walkway to the house. They did the rolling angle on the one side but not the other. When you see it all complete it looks funny. Again only I noticed it and I am not a guy who goes nuts about things like that, I just chuckled and wondered why. I showed my wife and she said...Hmmm and we went on our way. That's my truck out there pretending like it was working or something...It was more of a nuisance as I had to move frequently around the property

Again all cement trucks. No hand cement work. I also got a good laugh. Initially I was adamant on 5" thick, the guy agreed. However when they dug out the area it was varying in height. That was his workers not him. So my FIL went out and dug sections out showing them 5" and made a template and when they came back the next day he showed them and they dug it out more. Gotta love my FIL.

We had 4 AC units installed while the car park was being built. These guys did an outstanding job on the installation. The crew leader was a cool guy and spoke English and we talked before he even took a tool out. They plumbed everything straight, touched up the cement and cleaned up their mess. We will paint the white drain down tube as we paint the car park area so it all cleans up nice.

OK that is current

Today they hustled and painted and did power

Inside car park area. The walls are all primered and power is pulled in

They painted up top in dark brown tomorrow to match paint scheme of the house.

Power locations. I wanted all of them up high. I have 3 more in the car park area for tools. we are using LED lights in all the areas.

My wife had time today and we had some red brick, she put it around the well tube and will make it look like an old country well and plant flowers around it.

I will try and keep this a bit up to date for Waspy. We still have a lot more to go. The hardest part for me is having to work and not be part of the construction while there. My wife and I talk every day and at night recap all the work.

More as it develops
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