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Originally Posted by Norton
They sure did. Well done JPPR2. Great design. Thanks for taking the time to post pics.
Thanks Norton, It was a last minute design change. original was straight cement then I did some research on reflection and heat dissipation and having a light color and a varying surface texture really deflects the heat. We will see. It's nice to walk across in bare feet and the cost was minimal for them to stamp the pattern and add the color.
Originally Posted by aging one
Wonderful, impressive as heck.
Thanks AO.

Originally Posted by aging one
Made me forget about the Warriors loss for a whole 5 minutes.
Well hand it to the Cavs, they got under the warriors skin and got them out of their game. Green has a lot to go back and reassess about his behavior. While his big point game was big today, his game 5 was a huge let down to the Warriors and a distraction. Anyway on to the Giants and they look good
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