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During the campaign, expect all of the extrajudicial killing stuff to haunt him. He may slide, as it was some years ago. but it was enough to bring down Ping Lacson.

On the other hand, many Filipinos, my wife included, have no problem with extrajudicial street justice given a broken court system. I asked my wife, "What if they were innocent?" Answer: "Tough. If they didn't do the crime for which they were salvaged, they certainly deserved it for some other crime." The hand-wringers will squeal in horror, but it's a widely held view here.

He's quite honest about his past - as many of his age are - and I doubt wild women, etc will cause him problems. If the worst issue he can be hit with is some back alley whacking of druglords, he should be fine.l

In a speech today, Duterte told Filipino criminals, "If I become President, hide". When asked about reports of 1,000 extrajudicial killings in Davao he replied, "If I'm elected, it may jump to 100,000. There will be a lot of fat fish in Manila Bay."

He doesn't seem too worried..............

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