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^Correction. He has a college degree, as well as a law degree. I think I was thinking of his younger years, when he was expelled from several High Schools for disruptive behavior - took him 7 years to get through HS.

70 years old. Been Mayor of Davao for 22 years - longest serving Mayor in the PI. Big supporter of gay rights. Former heavy rabid anti-cigarettes. Big playboy in his younger days. Like big bikes.

Could he win? Possibly. Not much in the way of really strong candidates. Perceived as a 'man of the people' a la Erap.

Has a lot of popular support. Law and order and anti-corruption could well get him elected.

What he does then, when confronted with impossible issues like Manila traffic rather than running his small, long-time kingdom of Davao, will be the real test.

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