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Tough guy. Very little education. Widely rumored to have been heavily involved in the DDS (Davao Death Squads) which executed numerous criminals without trial. He admitted it years ago, then later denied it.

Rumor has three NPA attacking his home in the '90's, and being stuffed in oil drums and burned alive on his front lawn.

Latest, a month ago, told a guy to put out his cigarette when smoking in a No Smoking area. The guy didn't respond fast enough, so Duterte stuck his .38 in the guy's face and made him eat it.

That said, Davao is one of the cleanest cities I've ever been in. The surrounding areas are an NPA stronghold, but the city is safe and near crime free.

He's very attractive to Filipinos who see him as a tough, law and order guy. My wife likes him as well.

Bit of a thug. Plays well as a local Mayor, but I don't think he has the brain power to be an effective President.l
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