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The 'Overground' Map

Just 2 stops from my base in Chow Kit is Bukit Nanas, a short walk to the Petronas Towers.

This building is impressive by day but even more so at night.

I am told they turn the lights of about 10pm if you want the night time money shot.
I finally made it to the recommended Beach Club Cafe, just a short walk from the towers, where I suddenly became a hansum man. This was early evening about 5.30pm so the place was quiet. The women were from Vietnam, Philippines, Iran, Pakistan, Thailand and elsewhere. The Viet lady I spoke to was glad of the chance to gossip which was all she was getting anyway. She told me the club stays open until 2-3am and she usually goes home around midnight, because the club is often raided by police in the early hours and the girls arrested, mostly on visa infractions, Between 30 and 40 girls work there, and the raids mean that the faces change on a regular basis. The ones I saw were ok but one or two looked strung out already despite the early hour.

This lonesome shark lives in a tank above the bar at the Beach Club. Corona beer was MYR29 for a small bottle.

I stayed for one and went to the bar/restaurant next door. I was just finishing and excellent Beefburger and fries when I realised I should have taken a pic. Burger MYR35 and Corona again MYR29.

I returned on the Sunday evening to an Irish Bar on the same street as Beach club. I was approached by a Malaysian bloke for girls and bar service in a side street but declined. Fok I was hungry man!

The manager was a Lithuanian about 30 years old and very accommodating. Corona for aperitif, before I tucked in to Guinness Steak and Mash, washed down with ...

A most acceptable libation with which to complete my evening. The pie was filled with decent steak in mouth melting chunks, served under a flaky pastry and piping hot in a stainless pan.
Pie MYR34
Corona MYR29
Kilkenny draught bitter MYR27

Although it sounds pricey, it's worth remembering this is a fairly modern cosmopolitan city and you would pay more or less the same in European capitals. Service and ambiance was good and the place was clean and comfortable.

I could only believe the business of 50% Muslim population in the daytime. At night the place was dominated by Indians and Chinese.
The streets had none of the grubbiness often associated with Bangkok and never felt threatened in anyway despite lengthy walks on fairly empty streets in the evenings.
There were a couple of scenes that greeted me on my way back from Helay Mac's on Sunday night. This gathering on the corner near my hotel were watching the Man U v City game.

On the same corner was a major Junction. Sunday night is Bike Night in Chow Kit.
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