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Wasp has a brilliant future in Thailand
Wasp has a brilliant future in ThailandWasp has a brilliant future in Thailand
I'm not going to get much further today because I need a couple of photos .

However .... I'd reached the point where Missy's eyes had swivelled towards me for the money .
Bank of Fallang.

I loaned the money to Missy .

We have a straightforward understanding that I am not the Nonthai branch of Kasikorn and as I cannot own land I’m not buying any.
So Missy worked in England and paid me back each and every single little baht.
The land was definitely worth the 240 000 .

Investment . Bound to go up in price .

Which it has …… but not enough .

Not far away there are blocks reputedly going on the market at 7 million bahts .
Chinese all over the place buying every bush and rice paddy they can see . I’ve never seen one of these land-avaricious Chinese myself .
I don’t think anyone has .

Or Bangkok zillionaires desperately buying up land for weekend homes or escapes from the big polluted city .
But Bangkok isn’t London and this area definitely isn’t Surrey !

You can ask for 7 million but if you’re not going to get it you might as well ask for 62 million ! There’s no evidence of vast profits to be made .

Anyway ........... this is the busy little road onto which the land fronts .

As you can see this is a prime thriving megalopolis of activity .

And this was how the front of the land looked .

Perfectly placed to obtain an electricity supply .

Or a lightning bolt.

Missy has spent money cleaning up this piece of land . Removed crap . Removed those bushes and trees .Trucked in soil ( dirt ) . Put up a sign .
She's had some low offers ...... and also “ agents ” with definite buyers at a high price for an upfront commission. { Bollox }

A good offer at 450 000 came in . From a sensible lady.
Missy made the mistake of accepting the offer which made the lady deduce that she had offered too much and so she cancelled.

So I recently decided to poke at that hornet’s nest known as ‘ building a house ’ on this plot with the hope of selling the land and house for enough to leave Missy with a fair profit on the land and selling the house at cost.

The photos I need now are of the land cleared so I'll away the noo to seek them.


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